Golf Club Fitting

Unison Golf Certified Club Building Course

$$$ MAKE MONEY enjoying your passion!
Start your own fitting business!

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"How-To" Course Gets You Started

Step by Step Program Reveals How to Make Money Fitting Golf Clubs

Ever wanted to use your passion for golf to supplement your income? Ever desired a set of custom clubs to help improve your game? This course will give you the tools you need to become a certified fitter and launch your very own custom golf club business.

Get Certified Quickly With This Condensed Training!

This program teaches you:
- what and how to measure
- club length - the difference between designing for steel or graphite shafts
- how to match flex of shaft to golfer's style
- how to choose materials for woods and irons
- and much, much more

Enjoy Personal Satisfaction

Enjoy that feeling of pride and personal achievment that comes with creating something with your own two hands! And when your customers achieve better scores they will be sure to thank you for a job well done.



"Russ, at the Unison Fitting Center on Lakeshore Road, custom built a set of Alpha irons for me and I absolutely love them. They have greatly improved my ability to work the ball around the golf course. I can hit the ball high or low at will thanks to the proper shaft in the club that fits my swing. We all swing differently and should be fit properly by someone who knows how to do this right. Russ and his staff are at the top of my list. Thanks a bunch!!!"

Dave Reid, CPGA Professional